Bindertek Bright Line Wooden Desk Organizing System

Bindertek Bright Line Wooden Desk Organizing System


  • All trays are built to stack on top of one another
  • Trays can be shifted while stacked to allow for easier access to files
  • Each item includes foam rubber feet for use on any surface
  • Wood made from sustainable forestry
  • All Bright Desk Organizers are designed in Germany
  • Bright colors meant to promote individualization

Bring some style into your office or home with the Bindertek bright desk organizing system. Brightly colored wooden desk organizers help you Personalize your workspace while staying organized. The bright Letter trays are stackable, and the perfect storage option for desktop papers and files. They can also be shifted to allow for additional access to each tray. Designed in Germany, the Bindertek bright desk organizing system is made out of plywood from sustainable forestry, stained in beautiful, bold colors, intended to help keep your desktop clutter under control and your workspace looking great! each Item comes with foam rubber feet, allowing versatile usage on any surface. Build out your system by purchasing additional components, including Letter box, magazine file, storage box set, and Pencil cup, all in a range of great color options.

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